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SKAR is a full-service advertising agency located in Omaha, Nebraska, with expertise in the health care, financial and retail industries. We also work with dozens of regional brands and have been known to dabble in the nonprofit world when a great cause pulls at our heartstrings.

Since 1962 we’ve been helping brands across the region – and nation, for that matter – evolve their marketing. We do it with a little bit of everything: meticulous account planning, hard-hitting copywriting, killer design and innovative media placement.

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Over the last decade, honey bee numbers have been declining rapidly due to colony collapse disorder. This not only adversely affects honey producers, but it has put a strain on the hundreds of agricultural products that rely on honey bee pollination, including almonds, berries and melons.

It’s widely known that a presence on Google and Facebook is key to a successful business these days, but how do other up-and-coming digital marketing outlets fit in? One thing that many retail brands such as Taco Bell, General Electric and Disney are doing well is utilizing a social media platform that is virtually untapped …