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SKAR is a full-service advertising agency located in Omaha, Nebraska, with expertise in the health care, financial and retail industries. We also work with dozens of regional brands and have been known to dabble in the nonprofit world when a great cause pulls at our heartstrings.

Since 1962 we’ve been helping brands across the region – and nation, for that matter – evolve their marketing. We do it with a little bit of everything: meticulous account planning, hard-hitting copywriting, killer design and innovative media placement.

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With competition for shelf space in grocery stores at an all-time high, keeping the Sue Bee Honey brand top of mind was becoming more difficult due to the lack of exposure. To help shift opinion, we developed a digital strategy that helped give Sue Bee Honey a 50 percent jump in brand awareness and a 4.5 percent lift in purchase intent.

Brands take great care to keep their message consistent, focused and strong. An important part of any marketer’s job is to make sure no ad strays far from the clear brand message. But times change. And when it’s a big enough change, the brand has to adjust – change may be too strong a word …