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One of the challenges of starting a new company is creating an identity that is memorable and reflects the brand’s values, ideas and personality. The folks at Omaha National Group challenged us to help them stand out among their peers. The result? A modern mark with a unique contemporary design and a bold color palette. We even created a fun animation to help illustrate that while the name says Omaha, the company will serve clients from coast to coast.

This state-of-the-art website was designed to be responsive and informative with a high degree of user-experience. It features custom photography using actual members and employees, interactive components for easier information gathering and a number of dynamic elements that provide real-time data to Centris customers.


When TD Ameritade asked SKAR to develop an online holiday greeting that would appeal to its long-term investors around the country, the agency created this digital, 3-D pop-up card that recipients could forward to friends and business associates.



The same year TD Ameritrade hired SKAR to design the pop-up holiday card also seen in our WORK section, they asked the agency to create a more playful, humorous holiday greeting for its newer customers. The resulting “Sumo Snowman” online game was wildly popular and widely shared.