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To help the Nebraska Lottery announce its newest Lotto game – Lucky for Life – we teamed up with the talented folks at The New BLK to create a pair of fun, dance-centric spots. The videos not only reflect the excitement that comes with winning $1,000 a day for life but highlight the features of the game while encouraging viewers to share what they would do if they won using the official hashtag.

Each year we help our friends at the Nebraska Lottery promote the upcoming Nebraska football and volleyball seasons with unique, eye-catching schedule posters. If you see one at a Nebraska Lottery retailer, the Nebraska State Fair or other events this summer, make sure to grab one for free!

Our friends at the Nebraska Lottery were looking to generate some buzz and excitement for the return of one of their most popular games – Truck$ & Buck$. We teamed up with the folks at Great Plains Motion Picture Co. to create a fast-paced video highlighting that there were five trucks up for grabs. The catch? We only had one truck to film. Challenge accepted.

Finding the perfect holiday gift for the people on your shopping list does not have to be stressful! Thanks to tickets and games from the Nebraska Lottery, holiday gift giving can actually be handy. That’s the concept we developed for this year’s holiday campaign by prominently featuring the act of handing tickets to someone while making the variety of games the hero of the spot.

These fun, entertaining, animated TV spots were designed to showcase various Nebraska Lottery Scratch tickets throughout the year. The middle section of the commercials can be easily edited to feature new games using pre-built animation sequences.



For a new campaign promoting the Mega Millions Lotto game, SKAR and the Nebraska Lottery used a very different creative device – a TV commercial played in reverse. The spot features Joe, an ordinary Nebraskan who wins the big Mega Millions jackpot. However, to emphasize the campaign theme “It All Starts With a Buck,” the commercial begins after Joe has already won, then plays backward to show that his adventure all started with $1 at the counter of a Nebraska Lottery retailer.

Truck$ & Buck$ is the Nebraska Lottery’s most popular Scratch game. This year, instead of showing “beauty shots” of a gleaming red Ford F-150, we developed a spot that focuses on player excitement — both human and canine — about the game. So the next time your dog brings you a toy truck, perhaps he doesn’t want to go for a ride after all.

One of the Nebraska Lottery’s regular promotions is its summer cash giveaway. In 2015 the promotion is based on a Scratch game called Sizzling Summer 7s. Since seven is such a traditionally lucky number, and since the promotion would split $100,000 among seven winners, SKAR and the Lottery decided to base the entire campaign on this number. The result is a montage of summer images all containing a seven.

This fun, bright microsite was part of the Nebraska Lottery’s Summer 7 promotion. It highlighted the prize of 7 people winning a share of $100,000 using summer images that resembled 7’s. The site also featured an engaging “Find The Sevens” game.

Summer_7's_landing page

This rich media component to the Nebraska Lottery’s Trucks & Bucks campaign gives the user the opportunity to drive through various terrains, including a forest containing Bigfoot. The truck dashboard contains several interactive elements that make the experience even more fun and engaging.

This microsite for the Nebraska Lottery was designed to be responsive and features fun, exciting graphics for the Trucks & Bucks promotion. It includes the capability to view the TV spot, enter for a second chance to win a truck and see where trucks have been won in Nebraska.


This “fetching” poster for the Nebraska Lottery featured a locally cast dog and photos of the Ford giveaway truck. It was well-received and grabbed attention at Lottery retailers across the state.


Not a lot of people realize that proceeds from Nebraska Lottery sales since 1993 have generated more than half a billion dollars for Nebraska beneficiaries. To raise awareness of this impressive achievement, we helped create this campaign that highlights the Lottery’s contributions to the environment, Nebraska State Fair and education.

We helped the Nebraska Lottery create this holiday TV spot featuring a classic holiday icon – a snow globe. The camera travels inside the globe and transports the viewer to a fantasy world of swirling snow, trains traveling up mountains and holiday tickets as big as billboards.

When Conagra Foodservice needed to update its Full Line Product Catalog for 2017, SKAR was called upon to help. We worked with Conagra Foodservice’s brand managers to design, edit and print the 24-page catalog featuring dozens of brands and hundreds of products.


Honey is one of the most versatile products under the sun. The problem? Many people don’t know all the different ways it can be incorporated into everyday recipes. That’s why we teamed up with our friends at Sue Bee Honey to create these easy-to-follow branded videos for social media that show viewers just how simple – and delicious – cooking with America’s Honey can be.