Case Study:

Nebraska Lottery

Super Ticket Leads to 70% Sales Increase


The Challenge

The successful introduction of new Scratch games in Nebraska often comes at the expense of other tickets as players gravitate toward the new offerings while interest in the older ones fades. To address this cannibalism, the Nebraska Lottery created Precious Metals – a new $10 Scratch game that was larger than any single ticket it had ever produced – in an attempt to generate excitement for a new game while maintaining sales of the other tickets in the category. Due to the massive size of the game, though, retailers were challenged to find space to display the foot-long ticket and many had to store it completely out of sight to shoppers.

The Solution

SKAR developed a unique campaign for the Precious Metals Scratch game – known as the “Super Ticket” – using an old-school circus theme. The campaign materials featured hand-drawn illustrations of a circus barker, trapeze artist and strong man that highlighted the main attraction – the freakishly large size of the ticket. To grab the attention of consumers in different areas of retail spaces, we created a number of point-of-sale materials including die cut floor decals leading to the checkout, window clings to display on the entrances and counter stands to position near the register. The Super Ticket was also promoted through traditional media tactics like radio, print and outdoor as well as social media and online display ads, which helped drive awareness and excitement among prospective players across the state.

The Result

Sales for the Super Ticket reached peak level approximately five to six weeks earlier than typical $10 or $20 games. Within the first eight weeks of its release, the Super Ticket sold three times more tickets than the average $10 Scratch game – leading to an increase of $249,000 in sales each week. The sales boost also helped drive a 70 percent increase in the average weekly sales of the $10 price point – from $339,350 to $575,448 over the same time frame – without cannibalizing the sales of other games.