Case Study:

Sue Bee Honey

Digital Campaign Increases Awareness by 50%


The Challenge

With competition for shelf space in grocery stores at an all-time high, the influx of local honey producers and store-branded honey products were reducing the number of Sue Bee Honey facings.  Keeping the Sue Bee Honey brand top of mind with consumers was becoming more difficult due to the lack of exposure on store shelves. Many shoppers (and even store managers) wrongly assumed that “honey is honey,” and that they were all basically the same product. This inaccurate thinking led to a situation where the justification for placing a superior quality product on the shelf became difficult. The greatest challenge facing SKAR and Sue Bee Honey was to find a way to increase awareness for a national product on a limited budget.

The Solution

SKAR developed a digital strategy that partnered with inMarket, the world’s largest beacon proximity and location intelligence company, reaching 44 million app users per month. In response to a survey, shoppers named the honey brands they knew. Sue Bee Honey ads and messages were placed on grocery store shopping apps – delivering full-page interactive engagements, in-store, while consumers were using their favorite apps. Ad exposure and purchasing intent were monitored weekly in order to optimize reach and frequency. The campaign was scheduled to run for four consecutive months.

The Result

At the end of the four-month campaign, Sue Bee Honey received a 50 percent jump in brand awareness. App users who interacted with Sue Bee Honey ads indicated they were 4.5 times more likely to purchase Sue Bee Honey products. The projected return on investment was calculated to be 2.5 times the media spent. The campaign garnered a total of 8,431,151 impressions and 17,456 interactions. As a result, Sue Bee Honey recorded increased sales over the previous year’s numbers. Most impressive of all, this highly successful campaign was delivered on a very limited budget.

Sue Bee Honey Case History 2016 FINAL