Finding the right tone for an advertising message can be tricky – especially with health care marketing. Anybody in advertising loves to come up with a message that makes a splash or brings a smile, but when you’re trying to persuade consumers to trust your client with their health (or the health of loved ones), you need to be careful. Here are some examples of how SKAR has found the right tone. We’ll start with three 30-second pieces of branded video content produced for our client the East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System (ETMC) testtest.

The assignment was to present health in a way that our research indicated would appeal to millennials (consumers age 17 to 35), according to Sara Wilson, SKAR vice president for account services and public relations.

Bryan Gottula, SKAR vice president for digital strategy, wrote and produced the health segments. “We wanted to create video content that was relevant, persuasive and engaging,” he said. “We knew that millennials were receptive to learning about simple upgrades they could make to their life, so that’s the direction we took.”

The “Healthy Lifestyle Upgrade” messages have different strategic goals, and therefore a different tone, from other health care marketing work SKAR has done for ETMC.

For instance, last year we helped the Texas hospital system introduce its urgent care locations, where consumers can get immediate care for minor injuries and illnesses. This called for a balance between the serious nature of health care and the need to communicate that ETMC urgent care is quick and easy for a family on a budget. The answer was this TV commercial using the members of a stick figure family, which we’ve all seen clinging to the back window of family vehicles.

Other examples are videos that focus on conditions and procedures. There the tone is straightforward and matter-of-fact, to reinforce the client’s credentials and reliability as a provider of medical services. Here’s one of our ETMC TV segment, featuring a patient telling about his skiing accident and how an ETMC physician was able to get him back on the slopes.

If you’d like your health care marketing to be backed up by that kind of strategic thinking and care in finding the right tone, contact SKAR today.