Getting to Know Bill Roberts


Title: Copywriter, Proofreader/Editor
Here since: June 1981

What do you do at SKAR?
I write copy, especially journalistic style copy, for various clients. I also help edit copy and proofread all the printed material produced by SKAR.

Where is your happy place?
Walking, jogging or bicycling over the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge.

If you weren’t lucky enough to land at SKAR, where would you be today?
Cabdriver or fry cook, my other favorite jobs.

What are your three all-time favorite movies?
“Godfather II,” “Groundhog Day” and “King Kong” (1933 original).

What’s the most common mistake you see when proofing?
Misuse of the colon – it happens so often it’s becoming accepted.

Do you have any hobbies that we might actually be interested in?
Playing guitar? Drawing? Jogging? Bicycling? No, not really.

What is your favorite editing resource?
The AP Stylebook. It’s written by people who work in this business, so they know the kinds of issues that come up and provide good guidance.

As a copy editor, what do you think of the language of social media?
I think it’s exciting to have new words (ROFL, Twittersphere, unfriended) to discover and use.

Name your favorite Husker football player of all time.
Tommie Frazier – he loved the game and it showed.

If asked to name your favorite ad, what pops in your skull first?
“Where’s the Beef?” TV commercial for Wendy’s.

What’s the biggest industry change you’ve seen over your 30 years in the business?
Computers. Now everybody and anybody can do it (though they usually don’t do it well).

Is there a proofer’s mark that gets you all excited?
The “begin new paragraph” mark, a backward capital P with two vertical lines, has a nonsensical nobility I admire.