Getting to Know Bryan Gottula

Bryan _New_Pic

Title: Vice President, Digital Marketing & Social Media
Here since: September 2009

What do you do at SKAR?
I write stuff, I produce stuff, but mostly I help clients tackle the challenges of digital and social media.

What interests you about social media?
Obviously the constantly changing nature of it keeps you on your toes, but what I enjoy most is how it can really humanize a company and let customers feel like a real person instead of just a number on a sales sheet.

What do you see in your social media crystal ball?
People posting pictures of theirs kids, their lunch, their view from behind home plate. And, hopefully, more companies using it as a legit business tool rather than a playground for press releases.

Who or what influenced you in your career choice?
I took a mass media class when I was 16 where we got to make our own radio show with commercials and thought it was way more fun than using a calculator. When I realized people would pay me to do it, I was like, “Sign me up.”

What advertising campaign disgusted you?
The launch of Dr Pepper Ten was total overkill. I don’t why they felt they had to try so hard to make a low-calorie soda appeal to men, but my intelligence felt insulted.

What app can you not live without and why?
SitOrSquat. It’s an app where you can locate, rate and review public restrooms. I have a slight phobia of public restrooms.

What does it take to keep up with trends in social media?
Actively using it. No one is saying you need to tweet 50 times per day, but you learn so much more when you just submerge yourself in it.

What’s the biggest mistake you see companies making with social media?
Using the voice of a 14-year-old because they assume everyone who uses social media is either dyslexic or communicates solely with acronyms and emojis.

Are you a Cyclone or Cornhusker?
I was born in Iowa. I was raised in Iowa. I graduated from Iowa State. Obviously I’m a Cornhusker.