Getting to Know Joleen David


Title: President (Real Title: Mom)
Here since: July 1977

What do you do at SKAR?
I lead, I follow and I get out of the way, as appropriate.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?
The generation of ideas. I love the whole process: The anxious gestation period, the arduous labor and birth, the promise inherent in every well-conceived idea … there I go again with the mom thing.

How has your involvement as a Nebraska Humane Society board member changed your life?
My time on the NHS board opened my eyes to the plight of the more than 20,000 animals who come through the doors every year. I saw the courage and commitment of a staff that spends all day, every day, trying to save every life possible, believing that every lost, abandoned, abused or neglected animal deserves a second chance. I heard tales that were heartbreaking and heartwarming. I was inspired to raise funds and raise my voice, to adopt and to promote adoption, to continue advocating for NHS after my second term ended. In short, I was inspired.

What is your shoe size and why does that matter?
5 1/2, and the only reason it matters is that most retail outlets no longer offer shoes smaller than a size 6.

I’m embarrassed to say I spend too much on See above.

Was advertising your first career choice?
No, but it may have been in my DNA. I voiced commercials for my father (SKAR founder Wayne Smith) starting in grade school, and I have early memories of hanging out among the pastels and art boards while he put in some after-hours or weekend work in his office downtown.

How do you spend your precious few moments of spare time?
I make a conscious decision to goof off and do something that is not on my never-ending tick list: read for fun; walk dogs, whether they need it or not; watch a movie; buy something I don’t need online. It’s only free time if I allow myself to waste it.

What do you see in your crystal ball?
Wrinkles. Stupid ball.

Name the coolest place on earth that you’ve been.
In the company of my sons.