Getting to Know Lauren Anderson

Media Planner/Buyer
Here since: October 2011

Explain exactly what you do at SKAR.
I decide the best possible placement for our clients’ messages, whether that’s during “Grey’s Anatomy” or on a billboard along I-80.

Have you been interested in media buying since you were a young child?
Why yes. As a wee one, I would dream about rating points and Excel documents. But really … it started to pique my interest after a summer of being a “general intern” at an agency here in town. I realized that I had been spending most of my time in the media department and loving every minute of it. Numbers have always fascinated me.

Tell us about some of your favorite gifts from media reps.
I am a chatterbox and a foodie, so I really do just love being taken to lunch and trying new places … although the occasional mani-pedi day is pretty nice.

What makes one media buyer better than another?
Attention to detail, redotting all i’s and recrossing those t’s.

What do you do in your spare time?
I enjoy volunteering and I do sing a bit. And recently, I’ve found a new love of theater. I’m actually in a show right now!

Word on the street is that your hands are registered as deadly weapons. Explain.
Everyone should know basic self-defense …  and if I told you any more, I’d have to kill you.

Any hobbies?
I love spending time outside, in the garden, going on walks or just sitting in the sun reading. You may even find me practicing yoga or singing in the backyard (hopefully the neighbors don’t mind).

Why would you leave Nebraska to attend college in Texas?
I have always known that I wanted to spend my life in Nebraska, so I figured that this could be my chance to try something new for a few years. While I loved my time in Texas (Go Horned Frogs!!!) and made lifelong friends, being in a new city reaffirmed my original plan to move back to “The Good Life.”

What makes you so mad your veins pop in your forehead?
Inefficiency, especially inefficient drivers. If you’re ambling along, for God’s sake, don’t you dare hang out in my left lane!

If you got a free plane ticket to anywhere, where would you go?
I would go back to Spain in a heartbeat. However, if you get me that plane ticket, you may not see me for a few months. Spain has that romantic effect on you; it captures you and makes you want to live there forever.

What superhero strength would you like to have?
I would love to be able to pause time. There are so many things to explore and learn about in life and I never seem to have enough time to try everything that I want to experience!

What will media buying be like five years from now?
I really do think that digital media will only keep growing by leaps and bounds. I’m also predicting that as more digital ad companies pop up, the more competitive they’ll all be and we’ll see new technology arise just as it has over the past few years. So many factors will play into it all. If I start to talk about it, we could be here awhile. I will say that I’m excited to see what’s over the next horizon for media!

Name a TV show you watch that’s kind of embarrassing to tell people.
“The Vampire Diaries,” but I proudly tell people about it.

What would be your advice to college students looking for a career in media?
Be an intern – in any capacity. Shadow people, get paid, don’t get paid, try an in-house firm, try an agency. The more experience you have under your belt, the more you’ll know exactly what you do and don’t want to do when you graduate.

Try to think of something interesting about yourself that people might want to know.
I’m slowly learning how to play the banjo.

There are lots of media buyers around. Why should someone choose you?
If we don’t get the rates we’re looking for, word on the street is that I have deadly weapons attached to my wrists.