Getting to Know Shiletha Snoddy


Title: Director of Media
Here since: November 2015

What exactly do you do at SKAR?
Plan and buy advertising.

What led you to a career in advertising?
A love for helping people and problem-solving.

Any hobbies?
Does listening to music count? I do enjoy painting, something I will probably do more of when my kids are older.

If possible, tell us something interesting about yourself.
I cried when I saw Michael Jackson moonwalk for the first time on TV. (I was 10 so cut me some slack.)

What do you like best about working in media?
I never get bored. There is always something new to learn and new people to meet and work with. It’s fun!

What is your favorite Omaha restaurant?
I am kind of simple … Cheddar’s is my favorite right now. Great food and drinks, and it’s priced well for a family of four.

Favorite toy as a kid?
Hands down, my Michael Jackson doll that I got for Christmas when I was in fifth grade. I still have it!

Give us three words that describe yourself.
Honest, empathetic and silly.

What advice would you give to college graduates looking for a job in advertising?
Work hard and surround yourself with smart and positive people.

Out of all the things you do at SKAR, what is your favorite?
Researching new media opportunities.

Describe an embarrassing moment you’ve tried to forget.
It was 1999, I had a new suit on and I had my planner and padfolio in my hand. My hair was perfect, not one strand out of place. It was the first day of my new big job as a media planner/buyer at Lovgren. As I was walking up the stairs toward my new office, I missed a step and fell going up the stairs. I hurt my knee, ripped the seam in my new skirt and my papers in my padfolio went flying everywhere. I literally limped into my new job and I had to explain that I fell walking up the stairs. Who falls going up the stairs? I do! I still cringe when I think about that :-).

Favorite place you have ever been?
Times Square, New York City! There is nothing like it!

How do you see media evolving over the next five years?
I think digital media will continue to grow and there will be more media opportunities available. Traditional media will be stable because of the growth in interactive campaigns that focus on using traditional media to get consumers to interact with a brand or product online. A good example of this is the Coke Zero drinkable campaign. This type of campaign could be done with regional and local products and services in the next couple of years.

What really pisses you off?
Cold coffee.