I have been watching the new series on Bravo TV called “Work of Art — The Next Great Artist,” and I am really amazed but often disappointed in some of the artists’ work. I admit the show comes up with some very difficult challenges for the artists, but that’s what makes it so compelling. I also try to imagine how I would handle the projects if I were in their shoes. It is interesting to watch the artists concept each project and come up with the end result.

The show is down to the final three contestants, and of course most of the artists I thought were deserving of the title Next Great Artist have been eliminated. Not sure where the show got these judges, but I usually disagree with all of them. The front-runner is the artist Miles, whom the judges seem to really favor. He could puke on a plate and they would think it is absolute “genius”!  What bothers me most about him is that the artists are given a certain subject matter for the week, and oftentimes Miles disregards the theme and does what he wants. To make matters worse, the judges don’t seem to care. I admit the guy can be creative, but most of his art I would never consider viewing in an art gallery, much less buying one of his pieces of crap … errr … art.

There is only one artist left in the competition who I feel deserves the title of “The Next Great Artist.” Abdi is by far my personal favorite. Most of his art is very creative, inspiring and visually interesting (see image below).

To find out more about this series and to view some of the artists work, visit http://www.bravotv.com/work-of-art